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Before we start, I wanna take a moment to say thank you to starlight for giving me the inspiration for this video after watching her own, which you can see here: https://youtu.be/g8PYA832FmQ

(To Star, I'm so sorry that you have to see my FNAF trash)

It's 4 in the morning so my brain might be bleh.

Okay let’s start with the story first since that’s the important part:

In this story, it’s an alternate universe where it’s a crossover (that NOBODY asked for) about FNAF and Madoka (Because I’m a crossover addict and am known to come up with weird shit). I originally was gonna explain the whole story to this part but it was so god damn long that I realized no one was gonna read it so I’m just gonna talk a little bit of why there’s a ‘humanoid’ puppet and focus on what’s happening in the video.

Frannie died from despair, turned into a witch, Theodore and the others refused to accept her death, used magic to bring her back, something went wrong, Frannie then gets corrupted and becomes a half human/half witch hybrid, the witch fucks with her mind making it hard for her to tell apart between fantasy and reality, goes nuts, starts to believe that it was a night guard that killed the kids, not a witch, starts killing any night guard that attends at 6 AM, and is very unstable. Theodore and the others have tried many times to stop her but failed again, and again, and again. If you're wondering why a group of giant animatronics wouldn't be able to hold down a 15 year old girl, short answer; magic. She has become extremely powerful but at the same time, she somehow finds a way to keep herself from hurting the animatronics aka the kids and, while fucked up, kills the night guards as a desperate attempt to keep them safe.

As seen in the video and many other videos, you now know why Theodore is always looking at his hand; because he can use magic and said magic brought his sister back to life. Now it's a little complicated to explain but in short, Frannie's magic rubbed off on all of them when she revived them but their magic is NO WHERE NEAR as strong as Frannie's. Anyway, the most important note to take with Theodore here is that whenever something bad happened, he is almost always hesitant to use his magic to ether stop Frannie or save someone, because whenever he did, misfortune would seem to follow soon after. Whether if he was a magical girl or not, the rules still applied:

Hope and despair always balances out to zero.

Even if he didn't make a contract with Kyubey (which he couldn't cause Kyubey's sexist), his magic would still cause the same amount of despair as he did to try and make someone happy, in this case, his sister, or try to help a night guard escape. It came to the point where he was convinced that any use of magic would bring disaster and refused to use it unless it was for an emergency. With that in mind, that is why he's backing away from Frannie in the video, not because he's scared of her but because he's afraid to hurt her. Frannie has always, ALWAYS, been there for him ever since he was a toddler and have gone through so much where they've become inseparable that the sheer thought of something terrible happening to her outright terrifies him and doesn't want to lose her again. At the same time, he's also scared for the night guard for he knows that Frannie isn't going to stop until he's dead but he can't use magic cause it'll make things worse.

But the one thing that constantly haunts him, the one thing that he is always reminded of every time something like this happens is that because of him, Frannie became a monster therefore makes him responsible for all the deaths that had occurred within this pizzeria and that constant thought alone eats him up every day and night.

So how does Mike fit into all this? Well let’s just say that *he did something that might of involved a certain kid to be bitten by a certain animatronic (cough) and when he revealed this to the gang, Frannie overheard this and did NOT take it well. At that point, everything became clear (well sorta) to her and was dead set on killing Michael. At that moment, Theodore was pinned into a corner; even though he knew that what Michael did was wrong, it still didn't mean he deserved to die but is still reluctant to use magic. It's why he's so desperate for someone else to step in and do something. It didn't matter who it was, just that someone needed to do...something!

Yet after seeing just how terrified the others were that they were petrified to even move (especially Freddy), Theodore realized that he had been a coward by trying to get someone else to do the work for him and decides that enough was enough. What happens next...is spoilers.

*Disclaimer: This story was planned out WAY before Sister Location and while it has been altered several times, Michael is NOT Springtrap/Purple Guy/idk in this AU.

GOD DAMN YOU YOUTUBE AND YOUR LIMIT CHARACTER SPACE! More info on the DA page that I can't even link-GAH!